Jon Smith Loves Terrible 80’s Movies: GLEAMING THE CUBE!!

I really don’t know why everyone wants me to call this feature “terrible movies”.  I mean, this shit is CLASSIC dude.

As far as iconic 80’s movies go, GLEAMING THE CUBE is a must have on the list!  Fun fact!  NOBODY know what the “cube gleaming” is, so it was later re-named “A Brother’s Justice” when it was shown on cable TV.  But we’ll worry about that later..

Say Hello to Brian.  Brian is your classic 80’s punk skate kid who’s suburban parents don’t get is wacky hair and baggy pants, but love him all the same.  This character is perfect for a kid like I was!  Growing up in the suburbs of Taylorsville, and listening to bands like Dead Kennedys and throwing KJQ stickers on everything.

He really has nothing to rebel against.  His parents are cool, his friends parents are cool..  Even his teachers are cool..  BUT!  Somehow he ends up with a Vietnamese brother who is wrapped up in drugs or something.  (Keep in mind, all of these articles are written from memory).  So when Brian’s brothers gets all choked out with a towel in a seedy motel room, ACTION MUST BE TAKEN!  CUBES MUST BE GLEAMED!!!!

The details are hazy, but we can assume that adults in the 80’s were pretty much useless when it came to solving crimes.  So Brian goes full “Arkansas Dave” with his skateboard and gleams some bad guy cube butt-good.  (I’m still not sure how to use the term)

When it’s all over, and all of Brian’s cubes have been gleamed, he has caught the bad guys, and taught the squares in the grown up world a thing or two about the underdogs with weird hair.

SO check this movie out..  OR ELSE  YOUR CUBE IS THE NEXT TO BE GLEAMED.  (Still not sure how to use it..)


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