Has someone actually found a gateway to Hell?

Well..  No.  I mean, probably not.  BUT STILL!

There is a hole in the former Soviet nation of Turkmenistan that has been on FIRE for 40 years!  That’s about the closes you can come to a gate to Hell right?

The DARVAZA GAS CRATER!  Darvaza translates loosely to “Hell Gate” came about in the late 1970’s when the Russkies were looking for oil.  They drove out to the desert and started poking holes in the ground hoping to pull a Jed Clampet and get rich.   What they in fact found was an underground natural gas pocket that started spreading methane gas faster than a drunk uncle at a wedding.  So to avoid causing an international panic, and hoping to destroy the evidence of their mistake, they set that bastard on fire assuming it would burn itself out in a matter of days.

Four decades later, this fire hole in the desert is still burning strong, even after it was ordered closed by the nations president in 2010.  Right after he yelled “Yes we are REALLY a country”.   While there is no OFFICIAL way to visit the burny gas hole, about 5000 people make their way out there every year thanks to some local guides that will probably steal your money and throw you in there if you’re not careful.  Lucky for us, we have youtube!

For those that want to experience it for themselves, you can find the hole in the Ahal Province town of Derweze, Turkmenistan.

Have fun!



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