Bill Burr’s ‘Offensive’ Monologue on ‘SNL’ Ignites Twitter Firestorm

Stand-up comic and former Breaking Bad actor, Bill Burr was the host on SNL this weekend.

His monologue has people talking.

In it, he referred to white women as his b—-‘s

He said white women, hijacked the woke movement.

The woke movement was supposed to be about people of color not getting opportunities…Somehow white women swung their Gucci-booted feet over the fence of oppression and stuck themselves at the front of the line.

I’ve never heard so much complaining in my life from white women.

He also made fund of the gay community asking why is June Pride month and in comparison to Black history being in February isn’t June a little long of a month, for a group that was never enslaved?

Social media was divided with some taking offense to his jokes while others thought his monologue was funny.

What did you think of his monologue? Funny or he went too far? Which joke was too far for you?

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