Conan Smokes Up With Seth Rogan As His TBS Late-Night Show Winds Down

Conan O’Brien might have found a new hobby now that his late-night show is coming to an end.

On Tuesday night’s show, Conan told guest (and well-known pot smoker) Seth Rogen that while he considers marijuana to be a “fine herb,” he himself doesn’t usually partake.
Then, Rogen pulled out a joint and Conan took a hit on-air.

O’Brien joked, “This is the kind of thing you do when you know it’s over for you.”

Rogen responded, “I’m so happy with what just happened.”

Conan’s TBS show, which premiered in November of 2010, is coming to an end with the last show on Thursday.

Is there someone you’ve been genuinely surprised that tried pot with you?

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