Corey O’Brien’s Concert and Event Calendar | Week of April 17th

Every Wednesday morning at 9, Corey O’Brien (x96, 7p to midnight) joins Radio From Hell to keep your life from passing you by.

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The Calendar is brought to you by The Depot!

Mary Jane’s 420 Wellness Retreat featuring Snoop Dogg, Nas, and 2 Chainz at USANA Amphitheatre

*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!

• Elizabeth Warren at The Depot

Sure, she’s accomplished, smart, but not a great politician. That shouldn’t matter considering her qualifications, but that’s that state of things. She’ll be rallying at The Depot if you feel like hearing her out. All that being said, I couldn’t find a listing for this event on The Depot’s website.


• Christopher Cross at The Complex

The best that you can do…is go to this show…


• FanX at The Salt Palace

Two days of cosplay, celebrity sightings, panels, things to buy, and friends to make. Fan out! My dream meet n greet n photo with list: Val Kilmer, Alice Cooper (for golfing tips), Tony Todd, and Jay Whittaker. Runs through Saturday.


• National Garlic Burger Day at Cotton Bottom

Yeah, it’s still there and there’s a holiday for it. Remember this is a 21+ joint, so don’t if you aren’t. I’m told that you can get a garlic burger and some beers for $10.


• Geekshow After Dark at Gracie’s

Just in time for FanX weekend, the Geekshow converge for a live taping at Gracie’s for the 21+ crowd. The show starts at 7 pm doors are at 6:30 pm and seats are VERY limited. Come and enjoy beers, spirits & HAM as you mingle with friends & “celebrities” and watch Geek Show Podcast do their thing!


• 9th & 9th Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Because Easter is not for adults. It’s the Second Annual 9th & 9th Adult Easter Egg Hunt from 10 am until they assume all the eggs are found. Eggs will be hidden on 9th South (between 850 & 1050 East) and will be filled with giveaways, gift cards, coupons, goodies & more!


• lovelytheband at The Depot

You know them from last year’s X96 Big Ass Show and how we play them a bunch because it’s really fine and catchy music. Well, they are at The Depot so there you have it. Also, it’s their “the finding it hard to smile” tour, which makes sense.


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