Corey O’Brien Concert and Event Calendar | Week of August 24th

Every Wednesday morning at 9, Corey O’Brien (x96, 7p to midnight) joins Radio From Hell to keep you from sitting home.

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Wednesday 8/24

•Zoo Brew at Utah’s Hogle Zoo

No matter how you feel about zoos, it will be better with some beer. The best part is there will be no strollers hitting you in shins and no little bullies keeping you from a closer look at our friends, the monkeys or blocking a solid photo of grizzly bears. There is dinner, a cash bar and snacks. 21+. It’s sold out, but be aware it’s happening.


Thursday 8/25

•Twlight Concert Series: Grimes and Jaguar MA

If you caught her set streaming for Coachella, you know Grimes is not only captivating musically, but she is quite something to see perform. While many have complained about the Twilight Concert Series’ lineup this year, I haven’t heard any post show complaints. In what is the most cohesive pairing of the series, Austrailian psych-dance band, Jaguar Ma is opening. It’s the second to last Twilight, so treat yourself and go VIP.


•Benny Benassi at Sky

He’ll forever be known as the guy who put proper music to women and power tools and the DJ who closest resembles Robert Downy Jr. He’s also made just about every best DJ that has ever been assembled.


Friday 8/26

•Urban Lounge 15th Anniversary Show

15 years and going strong. The fires of celebration will be stoked by Starmy, The Hound Mystic, Hot Vodka and X96 Live and Local artist, Beachmen. Also, it you haven’t been there in a while check out the renovated their restrooms. Rejoice. Still the best spot downtown for cutting edge tour acts and local love. Show up and pay your respects. Doors at 8pm and it’s a free show! 21+


•Comedy Murder Mystery Train Ride

The Heber Valley Railroad will answer the biggest mystery by asking, “Who is still into trains in 2016?” The answer is Todd Nuke’em. According to the officiates, “our ticket includes dinner at the depot pavilion prior to departure, and then a two-hour ride featuring the Murder Mystery players from High Valley Arts entertaining you along the way. Who done it? You’ll find out on this relaxing and fun evening experience. You can also purchase tickets for just the Comedy Murder Mystery train ride without the dinner. Dinner includes fried chicken, potato salad, rolls, and dessert, all served under the pavilion at the depot.” Did you hear that? Fried chicken!


•Utah Renaissance Fair at Thanksgiving Point

Unleash the codpiece and head down to ye olde Thanksgiving Point. It’s in Utah County, so I can promise there will be no mead.  If one day of traveling back to a time before antibiotics and “Overwatch” sounds like too little, it’s going on Saturday, too. There are feasts and jousts as well. 


Saturday 8/27

•Utah Beer Festival

It’s the 7th year for the country’s most handicapped beer festival, but they are growing, shown by the new venue: Utah State Fairpark. The things about beer festival thought – at most places, you simply buy a beer, but at the Utah Beer Festival (and many fest like it), you buy a ticket then take the ticket and trade the amount of tickets for a certain amount of beer. See how that works? Okay, maybe I am not selling you right on this the right way – Summer is nearly over, so you need to take all the opportunities to drink in places without roofs. Besides, proceeds go to benefit Best Friends Animal Society and we all love to help the animals. Over 150 local, regional and international beers will be featured.


•Salt Lake Climbing Festival

You’re 30 and you live in Utah, so you either have a friend into climbing, a climbing gym membership you never use, you climb, you tell your friends you climb or you’ve seen “Everest”. If you do the third thing in that list, you’d probably have a great time at this gathering. From the cordinators, “Join the Salt Lake Climber Alliance for the Salt Lake Climbing Festival, held in Alta, Utah. Base camp with be the Alta Peruvian Lodge. Improve your skills or learn new ones with experienced instructors. Additionally, practice yoga, stargaze and enjoy dinner, drinks and good times!” Yes, if climbing isn’t enough for you, there will be yoga.


•Pixie and the Partygrass Boys at The Garage on Beck

A unique venue in a unique place. The closest thing Salt Lake will ever get to having its own P-Swayze-style Road House, The Garage on Beck would be my favorite bar in all of Salt Lake if I could walk there. Katia Racine, a former X96 Live and Local Spotlight artist, is joined by They Partygrass Boys and you will not be disppointed. I highly recommend making this your night out.


Sunday 8/28 

•RMR Subie Sunday Alpine Loop Cruise

You’ve got a Subaru and you live in Utah. You might as well use it. “Crusie time! We are going to do the Apline loop. Meet time is 5pm and we will be leaving at 530pm for the mouth of the canyon. After going through the canyon we will come out at Sundance and will be stopping at Mt Timpanogos Park on the way back to Orem to make sure we have everyone and for some pictures. The final stop is going to be In-N-Out by the University mall for those who want to grab a bite to eat.”

Bagged #STI #subie Photo by Owner : @brandon_manni #modifiedsociety _

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Monday 8/29

•Heart & Joan Jett & Cheap Trick at USANA

Seattle’s Queens of Rock and Joan Jett, who is the Queen of Rock and Roll. That’s a damn fine Monday night. The ladies party will be slightly slowed down by Cheap Trick! Rock out with your $9 beer out!


•Boyz II Men at the Scera Center in Oram

They’ll make love to you. Like you want them to. On a Monday night and you’ll like it just fine…oh, and they’re playing Tuesday night at Sandy Amphitheatre, so they can make love to you then, too.


Tuesday 8/30

•Wilco at Red Butte Garden

The definitive beard-rock band is performing at the perfect beard rock venue. That being said, “Blue Sky Blue” is still one of my favorite albums. It’s sold out, so hit the classifieds.


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