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New Politics | February 28th at The Complex

*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!

•Ash Valentine’s Day Wednesday

Just give up on love and you’ll be happier, holier, and have more money. Like The 1975 said, “Get someone you love/get someone you need/f@*k that get money.” That’s what Lent is all about.


•3rd Annual Mardi Bra at Salt Lake Mission

There are around 100,000 women living homeless or on the brink of poverty. The struggle is bad enough without having to pay for food, rent, and the absolute necessities and not have enough left over for proper undergarments. To make matters worse, government assistance programs don’t even cover the costs of feminine hygiene products where purchasing these products alone can cost women close to $100 dollars a year. To women living in homelessness, trying to access essential care items, usually without money is yet another burden on an already stretched budget. donate hereYou can help by donating these needed products and help some women with some love and dignity. If you just want to get right down to it you can directly in the form of cash.



•Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Metro Music Hall

The wall of sound like you didn’t know you need, black-jacket clad and all. 21+


•Cake at Eccles Theatre

This is their makeup date from last year. I am for one excited for my beer in an Eccles sippy cup whist enjoying the show. I really hope they play “Italian Leather Sofa.” Ohhhh yeahhhhh. Alllllriiiiight. Uhhhhh huh! Ohhhhhh yesssss! Ohhhhhh know!!!!


•LP at Metro Music Hall

Laura Pergolizzi, who goes by LP, is back in Salt Lake after last year’s sold-out show. You may recall her song “Lost on You” that I played on Xposed in the fall last year. It reminded me of a song out of Kill Bill. I highly recommend this show.


•Deadmau5 at Park City Live

The man in the mau5-head returns to Utah to perform a sold-out at show PC Live. Tickets can be found on classifieds, but you’re looking at about $150 per ticket. If you’re going to go and drop the coin, go big and get a room and make a weekend of it.


•Walk the Moon at The Complex

Happy Presidents’ Day! Now we can all walk on the moon…not really. Not until Elon works out the kinks. However, you can dance with Walk the Moon at The Complex. Also, join X96 at Club 50 West for a chance to meet the band at noon and enjoy a Lounge X performance (the lounge is 21+ and space is limited so arrive early).


•Joywave at Urban Lounge

First making that name when the combined forces with Big Data for the mega-hit “Dangerous”, Joywave is coming in for a 21+ at Urban Lounge and bringing along Sasha and Kopps.


There’s always more on our YUGE calendar.

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