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August Burns Red on Sunday, February 10th! An all-ages show.

*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!

• Jim Breuer at The Complex

You might remember him the opener for Metallica a month or so ago. You may fully remember him from Half Baked, too. Jim Brewer is bringing his “Comedy, Stories, and More” (the “and more” is always very important: vanilla ice cream and more! See…you’re thinking about all the cool stuff you’d put on the ice cream even though I didn’t drop even one hint regarding your options. That’s just good marketing. Anyway, this will be funny.


• Star Wars Trivia at The Spot

Do you know the shape of a Wookie’s penis? Well, if you do seek therapy or call your friends that also know such things and you could pick up $50!


• Bob Marley’s Birthday at The Royal

Despite February 6th being Bob’s birthday, and not unlike how most of my friends celebrate their birthdays, let’s go ahead and make this week a celebrash. This one features Bob Marley Tribute (cover – where’s the shame in just calling yourself a cover band these days?),  Wake Up and Bake…err Wake Up and Smoke…errr Wake Up and Live. Yes, that’s it – Wake Up and Live.


• Bob Marley Birthday Bash at The Depot

See previous day…mon. This time around, we will celebrate with Natural Roots, Disco T, and DJ Roots Rawka.


• 19th Annual SLC White Party: Jubilee Under the Sea at The Gateway

No, this isn’t a Republican fundraiser. This night of purity (I assume. Isn’t white suppose to be pure? I mean, the whole wedding dress thing?) put on by the Utah Arts Alliance will benefit the Utah Arts Alliance. This 21+ over bash has tiered ticket prices depending on how fancy you are (or if your last name is Romney – I mean, what could be whiter?). Themed cocktails, music (live and from a laptop), performances, and a special appearance from Leggy Meggy (who is both leggy and, it seems, name is meg – truth in advertising) will keep the night going. Wear white (duh) with a nautical or aquatic flair!


• David Bowie Tribute Night at Urban Lounge


• 90’s Bar Crawl

Dress up like Kurt or Costanza and hit the streets. Registration runs from 3p to 5p at Gracie’s. Tickets include a color-changing souvenir cup, a koozie, drink and food specials at stops, and a digital map. Okay, so maybe the $20 to $50 might be steep for what you get, but hey, it’s probably a real nice cup. Besides, how else are you going to know where to go without a map!


• 17th Annual Bowl for the Cure at Bonwood Bowl

Because you haven’t heard any of your friends quote “The Big Lebowski” in the last 45 minutes, get on out to my favorite bowling alley, Bonwood Bowl, and do it for a good cause: to strike out breast cancer!


• Valentine’s Day Couples Pottery at Art Haus

Like Ghost without Whoopie. The class lasts for 2 hours and you’ll have a lovely bowl or dish (and maybe arousal) to show for it! There will be wine and refreshments as well. Classes today from 5 to 7 pm and tomorrow from 3 to 5 pm.


• August Burns Red at The Depot

August Burns Red is bringing along special guests Fit For a King and Miss May I to The Depot for this all-ages show.


• Urban Flea Market at The Gateway

Because one person’s fleas is another person’s treasure!


• Brunch and Movies at Brewviews

It’ll be Swayzzzz and Egzzz as Brewvies will be getting your sabbath started with Dirty Daning! You’ll have the brunch of you life. Like you’ve never, ever had before. I swear.


• Todd Berry at Wiseguys Gateway

One night only! One show only! The very funny Todd Berry will help you forget the weekend is nearly over after your brunch at Brewvies and your time at the Urban Flea Market! Whew, what a day!


• Hippo Campus at The Depot

SOLD OUT! So hit up the classifieds if you’re looking for tickets to this band from St. Paul Minnesota.


• Whiskey Tasting Class at Lake Effect

SLC Whiskey expert, Aaron Weslow, will take you on an adventure through 5 pour of warming whiskey, stimulating your mouth and mind and you learn to appreciate that bottle of Canadian Mist you have sitting next to corn flakes in your pantry.


• World Class Leaders Lecture with Vincente Fox at Kingbury Hall

The former president of Mexico will no doubt bring the most punk rock thing you can do this week as he reminds us that, “Mexico will not pay for that f**king wall!” The lecture is free and open to the public given that there are tickets available.


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