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Every Wednesday morning at 9, Corey O’Brien (x96, 7p to midnight) joins Radio From Hell to keep you from sitting home.

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Wednesday 8/31

•Coldplay and Bishop Briggs at Vivint Smart Home Arena

There’s not anything I can say about Coldplay that has been said. They are culturally one of the biggest bands in the world and for that, have received a lot of backlash and are the butt of many jokes (most famously, Chuck Klosterman’s rant about them in his collection of essays, “Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puff). I’ve given them my fair of taps by calling them “bubble bath music” on many occasions. “They are the one and only Oprah Book Club Band.” And on and on and on…However, they are really good live, so you should go. Also, Bishop Briggs is opening for them. You’ve no doubt heard her amazing song, “River” on X96 and her EP is the best thing streaming on the internet. I suggest getting their early.


•What Do You Think, Utah? “Use Only As Directed: Utah’s Opioid Epidemic”

Utah County, we’re looking at you. Seriously, though. Very Seriously, Utah is in the top five states in the country when it comes to prescription opioid deaths. Sure, you get hurt at work and need to relieve some pain until you get over it, but the odds of getting addicted versus the pain could be the difference between trading one affliction for one that could last a lifetime…or end one. Bill Allred, of Radio From Hell, will have a panel of experts who can discuss prevention and treatment of opioid addiction. And he’ll talk with people who’ve struggled with dependence on prescription drugs. The audience is encouraged to particiapte in the conversation. 21+


•Bayside at The Complex

Their Wikipedia page calls them, “an American band from New York.” So are The Strokes. I wonder which one is more American? They are currently touring on their new album “Vacancy.”


Thursday 9/1

•Twlight Concert Series: Fitz and the Tantrums

A tear drops from my eye as I type this. It seems just yesterday Ogden’s Twilight was starting and now we are at the final Salt Lake Twilight. Last weekend I floated the Weber River for the last time of the season and how I will have my final beer in Pioneer Park without the fuzz shewing me away. I will see the many cute girls having fun and dancing to music in the park only to wonder where they all go once the show is over. Summer is dead. Get a scarf and act accordingly. Oh, and Fitz and the Tantrums are amazing. $5 now, $10 day of and if you like they have VIP options if you follow the link below, which I HIGHLY recommend for the final show, unless you like waiting in line. If their show at Twilight isn’t enough Fitz for you join X96 for a free Lounge X performance from them at 3p at 50 West.


•Salt Lake Comic Con at the Salt Palace Convention Center

NO FUCKING HARLEY QUINNS!!! Just stop already. We get it, she’s the perfect combo of sexy, dangerous and an economically fine way to get attention at a con, but it’s deader than the horse in your dog’s dog food.  Besides that, it’s hard to believe it’s already that time of year when adults of all ages dress up like their favorite comic book characters and drag their kids to Salt Palace for a holiday weekend. I wonder if future generations will rebel by dressing up and behaving like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump en masse. How else do you rebel against you folks if they are dress up like Cait from “Fallout 4” or perhaps Widowmaker (hell, why not a lot of Widowmakers, in case I strike out with the first 50 I run into) from “Overwatch.” They’re so hot right now. How about Deathstroke? I’ll tell you how: you vote Right-Republican, listen to Mahler and eat kale, but only when it’s grown on the moon. 

I digress…Luke Skywalker and Captain Kirk and Brandy Svenning’s Dad from “Mallrats” – they’ll all be there. Also, check out the artist booths, the panels, the parties and, hopefully furries! Also, despite my cynical outlook on life, it’s a pretty cool time to be hanging out downtown and get it on you.

For last minute cosplay ideas, click here!


•University of Utah’s First Game of the Season

Cosplay of a different kind altogether. The University of Utah will start another Pac 12 season by taking on SUU. Even if they win, my student loans won’t be forgiven, so I am putting my hopes of a student-loan-free life with my bookie. Go Utes!

People do seem to love our loins… #GoUtes #utahfootball #tailgating #utahpigbus #porky2015

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Friday 9/2

•2016 Timpanogos Storytelling Festival

I like stories and mountains, so you know this would be on my list. From the site: “For 27 years, the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival has invited storytellers from around the nation and across the waters to join some of our homegrown talent and share stories under our own majestic Mount Timpanogos. Join storytellers Geraldine Buckley, Alton Chung, Donald Davis, Lyn Ford, Kevin Kling, Linda Gorham, Joe Herrington, Dolores Hydock, Kevin Kling, Bil Lepp, Daniel Morden, David Novak, and Kim Weitkamp for an amazing weekend of stories, laughter, and music.” Did you hear that guys, David Novak will be there!  Also, there are international story tellers and this sound like a pretty great, relaxing event that is quite Utah specific, which is a good thing.


•Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship

Dogs. Sheep dogs. Competing. I like dogs and I dislike cats, so I am rooting for these pups, but ya know. I don’t know. Is there beer?


Saturday 9/3

•Grand Oktoberfest Weekend at Snowbird

It’s all just been a warm up. You’ve had 3 or 4 weeks to warm up and it’s all lederhosen from here on it. It’s a holiday weekend, so this true believer believes you should just get a room and get proper Oktoberfested. Also, keep in mind that Snowbird Oktoberfest is more popular than ever, so be aware you may have trouble finding free parking. Do yourself a favor and just pay or carpool, carpool, carpool and for the love of money, get yourself a designated driver.

The face you make when your stein is almost empty at Snowbird's Oktoberfest.

The face you make when your stein is almost empty at Snowbird’s Oktoberfest.


•Geekshow Podcast Live Salt Lake Comic-Con Edition at Club 50 West

Remember, remember the first of September…only you won’t. The bar will be open and the stage will be set as Radio From Hell’s Kerry Jackson and company lay down two full episodes of your favorite podcast. It will be NSFW and barely safe for anywhere, really. Doors at 6:30pm, so you have time to get loose before the main event starts at 7:30p. Oh yes, look good, because we will be taping this for historical purposes. It’s free to attend.


•Young Professionals of Utah Water Balloon Fight at Liberty Park

We’re into the realm of an Indian Summer, so look alive and don’t take one to the face.  They will be structured battles and free for all at the end. Bring your Super Soakers


•Juliette Lewis at Urban Lounge

You know her from so many kick ass movies: “Cape Fear”, “Natural Born Killers”, “From Dusk Til Dawn”, the best Audry in the National Lampoons Series and many other, but she rocks in a more literal fashion now. This is a very good thing. 21+


Sunday 9/4 

•Groove Garden presents Funky Sunday at The Garage

If you’ve never gone to the Groove Garden don’t try to understand the Groove Garden, just go to the Groove garden. “Join your SLC music loving family for this, the one and only Sunday daytime get down of 2016. This will be an all afternoon/evening event located….as always…..outback at The Garage on Beck. Rumor has it we may throw down a slip-n-slide or ghetto pool 😉 chickies.. bring those bikini tops….fellas (speedos forbidden)”

This year’s Groove Garden Lineup, times, and what to expect:

  • 1pm-Soul Glo Set of downtempo, nudisco, funk & R&B)
  • 3pm Riche Boom
  • 4pm In2gr8
  • 5pm NVIA
  • 6pm Nate Lowpass
  • 7pm F_Ghani vs. Kekex


•Blues, Brews and BBQ with James McMurty at Snowbasin

Get back to the mountain on your last day where you can have a hangover the next day – if you don’t work Monday, that is. “the lawn and patio outside Earl’s Lodge converts into a vibrant festival like atmosphere with free music, incredible BBQ food, and ice cold beverages. Chill out on the lawn with a shade chair or a blanket, have a beverage and listen to some incredible FREE music from any of the nationally touring artists that host the event every week. The party and celebration starts every week at 12:00pm and goes until 5:30pm” with activities for kids, a climbing wall and a playground, so it’s one of the few family events on my list again this week.


Monday 9/5

•Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the SCERA Center in Orem

Remember when X96 used to play these guys? Me either, but I looked it up and we did. During that time we played Korn, Sarah McLachlanand Soul Coughing. God, we were weird. You were weird, too for listening to us. Anyway, keep an eye out for 35 to 40-somethings’ feet flying at your face as they still think they are fit enough swing dance.


Tuesday 9/6

•Black Joe Lewis at The State Room

“Bitch…I LOVE YOU!!!!” The smile on my face is better than when I found out I never had to go to church again when I found out Black Joe Lewis was coming back to Salt Lake. This is a must-see. Of all the things on my list, if you had money to do only one – this is the one thing to do. COREY O’BRIEN APPROVED!


•Bleached at Kilby Court

Three lovely, poppy-punk ladies from Los Angeles kickin’ up dust at Kilby. Go help them if you aren’t 21 and get into the Black Joe Lewis show at The State Room.


•Toto at Sandy Amphitheatre

Something, something, something, rains, something, Africa. Then a song about a girl meeting him all the way. Anyway, my dad made me listen to them growing up a lot. I think it was the version of time-out in my house.


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