Denny’s Turns Moons Over My Hammy Sandwich Blue for Halloween

There are plenty of ways to get into the Halloween spirit and restaurant chain Denny’s has some ideas.

To celebrate the first Blue Moon on a Halloween since 1944, 20 Denny’s locations in Miami will be turning their famous Moons Over My Hammy breakfast sandwich blue.

The deal will only be available on October 31st for dine-in guests, while supplies last. So, when you’re done with your trick-or-treating and parties, you can treat yourself to this delicious Halloween treat.

Moons Over My Hammy gives you two slices of sourdough bread with egg, ham, and cheese all grilled together. It has been a staple on Denny’s menu since the ’90s.

What do you order when you go to Denny’s? Do you think special versions of food should be served at all Denny’s?

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