This Movie Theater is Holding a Seance to Find Out if it’s Haunted

Toronto’s Old Fox Theatre could be haunted. This is according to the owners of the 106-year-old cinema.

What the owners really want to know, though, is who the ghost is and why it’s hanging around. To do this, they’ll be hiring a medium to assist in a seance.

According to patrons and employees of the theater, dancing lights and the feeling of a paranormal presence have convinced them that the building is haunted. The presence is particularly felt by an emergency exit covered by a curtain.

The Toronto theater is giving movie-goers a chance to sit in on the seance with $25 donations putting them into a drawing to join in the experience. Funds raised will be used to help cover the building’s costs.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity?

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