Drunk Texas Dad Arrested for Letting 13-Year-Old Drive to get Ice Cream

While it’s usually a good idea for a person who’s had too much to drink to let someone else drive, it’s just as important to make sure the designated driver is old enough to operate a vehicle.

A Texas man found this out the hard way after he handed over his keys to his 13-year-old stepdaughter. Lubbock resident Javier Martinez-Aguilar, 42, was taken into custody after his stepdaughter failed to yield to a police vehicle, nearly causing it to crash, according to Martinez-Aguilar’s arrest report. The arresting officer says Martinez-Aguilar — who was in the passenger seat — was so drunk that he struggled to remove his driver’s license from his wallet. He’s been charged with criminal negligence and child endangerment.

Summing up the motive for the incident in the police report, the arresting officer wrote, “She was driving her stepfather to get ice cream because he was drunk.”

How old were you the first time you got behind the wheel of a car?

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