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Hostess Launches New Holiday HoHos

Hostess is celebrating the season with the launch of its new lineup of holiday-inspired snacks. The line includes new holiday HoHos along with returning mint chocolate Twinkies, holiday CupCakes, hot cocoa & marshmallow Donettes. Each of the festive, seasonal snacks is available for a limited time in a multi-pack.

The holiday CupCakes and Hostess hot cocoa & marshmallow Donettes also are available in single-serve packages. What’s the best Hostess snack?

Cinnabon Launches Frosting Pints

Cinnabon is launching new chocolate frosting pints. The new treat will be available alongside returning fan-favorites signature cream cheese frosting pints.

The limited-edition frosting pints can be found at participating Cinnabon bakeries nationwide or ordered for pickup or contactless delivery on the Cinnabon app and Are you team cream cheese frosting or team chocolate frosting for your cinnamon buns?

Get Your Little Debbie Ice Cream Fast!

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes ice cream is coming back to Walmart for the holiday season. The returning fan-favorite seasonal flavor features vanilla ice cream with golden cake chunks swirled with green sprinkles and red icing. To meet demand this year, Little Debbie is doubling up on the number of pints shipped to all Walmart as it sold out super-fast last year.

You can find Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes ice cream in-store and online at while supplies last. What Little Debbie treat was your fave as a kid? Do you still like them?

Frank’s Puts Out Injector Marinade

Frank’s RedHot is introducing a new injector marinade just in time for the 2022 holiday cooking season. The marinade is made with the brand’s original cayenne pepper sauce and comes with an injector to infuse your favorite holiday dish with spicy Frank’s RedHot flavor.

You can find Frank’s RedHot injector marinade at What do you do to make your Thanksgiving turkey special?

Pop Tarts Giving Away 15K

The Gingerbread Pop Tart is coming back for the holidays, and the brand wants to celebrate the festive flavor by giving away 15 grand. Pop Tart is teaming up with Zillow to bring the cash to one lucky fan and all you have to do is snap a picture of your gingerbread house and post it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #GingerbreadPopTartEntry.

The contest ends on 12/16 at 11:59 pm ET. If building in desserts isn’t your thing, you can still enter by digitally drawing or hand-drawing a representation of your best gingerbread home. Have you ever won a food contest?

KFC Buckets Get Holiday Makeover

KFC is debuting new limited-edition Holiday Buckets. Fried chicken fans can now score a ‘2022 Sharing is Caring’-themed holiday bucket with the purchase of any bucket meal.

The “Sharing is Caring” bucket celebrates the idea that we all should “share because we care” and includes illustrations representing the joy that gathering together brings during the holiday season. Do you think people care about things like festive chicken buckets over the holidays? Why?

Subway Announces Pickleball Contest

Subway is debuting its premium pickles and giving away free sandwiches. Subway’s new premium pickles are thicker, crunchier, and offer even more dill flavor, so in celebration, the chain has teamed with Super Bowl MVP and aspiring pickleballer Eli Manning for the launch of the Pickleball Sweepstakes. One lucky pickleball enthusiast will be awarded free Subway sandwiches (and Frito-Lay’s snacks, including Lay’s limited time flavored Dill Pickle potato chips, for a year.

To enter, simply upload a photo or video of yourself playing your best pickleball to TikTok or Instagram with the hashtags #pickleballislife #layssubwaypickle, and #sweepstakes from now until Monday, November 21. If you won subs for a year, do you think you would eat them all or would you get sick of them?

Popeyes Brings Back Blackened Chicken

Popeyes is shaking up the chicken sandwich wars again. Following a successful debut at select locations in 2021, Popeyes today announced the nationwide launch of the new breading-free Blackened Chicken Sandwich. Fans can get their hands on the new sandwich starting today.

Popeyes is so confident its Blackened Chicken Sandwich can’t be surpassed by potential copycats, it is also launching a new campaign today sharing ingredients in the sandwich while inviting competitors and fans alike to, “Copy This” and make a version of their own. If you owned Popeyes, would you share your ingredients? Why or why not?

Domino’s Has New Half-Off Deal

Pizza fans rejoice. Domino’s is running a new promotion offering half off all menu-priced pizzas ordered online through November 20.

To take advantage of the offer, simply order any size pizza on any crust, with any toppings online and you’ll qualify for half off the regular menu price.
The special pricing deal is Domino’s way to say thank you to its customers during “National Gratitude Month.” Is there any chain whose pizza you won’t eat? Why?

Coors Light Releases Color-Changing Nail Polish

When you think of drinking a cold Coors, do you think of…nail polish? Ok, maybe not-but Coors Light is releasing a color-changing nail polish called Chill Polish. The nail polish apparently changes color from gray to blue when you hold a cold glass of beer.


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“No matter where you’re enjoying Coors Light this season, the fashionable, functional Chill Polish shows you when your brew is cold enough to drink at any holiday gathering,” the brand shared in a statement.
Would you wear this nail polish? How cold do you like your beer?

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