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Food News You Can Choke On is tribal. It’s about survival and sometimes lawsuits. It’s ugly and filling at the same time. We know you’re hungry, just don’t go choking on this information…

Texas Restaurant Catches Heat For ‘Dahmer Special’ Pizza

Capital Pizza, located in Lubbock, Texas, has received backlash for displaying its ‘Dahmer Special’ pizza that features fake fingers and eyeballs.

The manager of the restaurant said that one of the employees came up with the design to display at the pizzeria because of the popularity of the show.

The manager said, “The pie is just ramen noodles, pepperoncini garnish … along with the prop body parts and a whole lot of fake blood.”

It is not a menu item, but it has been displayed at the establishment, which has grossed a lot of customers out.

The manager even noted that some customers are coming by the restaurant just to take pictures with it.

Why is America so obsessed with serial killers and murderers?

The McRib Is Back

The iconic McRib sandwich is back at McDonald’s!

The fan favorite will only be available for a limited time though.

The McRib was first introduced in 1981 in Kansas City, Kansas where it became a regional hit before expanding across the country and becoming one of the brand’s most highly anticipated limited-time menu offerings.

You can find the McRib at participating McDonald’s locations nationwide through Sunday, November 20th.

Why do you think McDonald’s doesn’t make the McRib a permanent menu item?

Papa Murphy’s Gets Spooky

Papa Murphy’s is celebrating Halloween by bringing back the brand’s fan-favorite Jack-O-Lantern pizza.

The returning seasonal pie features a large thin-crust pizza in the shape of a pumpkin, decorated with a pepperoni border and a pepperoni face, with black olive accents.

It is also served unsliced to “maintain the integrity of the design.”

The Jack-O-Lantern pizza will be available at participating locations nationwide starting today through October 31.

What chain has the best pizza?

Cheetos Is Giving Away Costumes

Cheetos is celebrating Halloween with the release of new limited-edition Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese Box of Bones.

The product features bone-shaped pasta with the same bold and cheesy Cheetos flavor fans expect.

Cheetos is also bringing Box of Bones to life with a limited edition “Bold to the Bone” costume.

The costume features glow-in-the-dark, bone-shaped noodles from head to toe to create a spooky skeleton.

The costume is available as part of a special sweepstakes giveaway on now.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? As what? For what?

Don Julio Releases Second Ultima Reserva

In celebration of Día de Los Muertos, Don Julio has released the second bottling of its extra-añejo Tequila, Ultima Reserva.

The re-release of the premium Tequila is in honor of the brand’s late founder, Don Julio González.

The limited-edition Tequila is made with the final agave harvest planted by González and his family in 2006, which was reserved for this distillation.
Each bottle is specially labeled to mark the harvest.

Christina Choi, senior vice president of Tequila, said, “It’s been 10 years since the passing of our late founder Don Julio González, and we are proud to honor his legacy by releasing the second bottling of Tequila Don Julio Ultima Reserva. This liquid is truly so rare and special that we’re continuing to release Tequila Don Julio Ultima Reserva in highly limited quantities each year, allowing us to preserve Don Julio González’s ultimate legacy as long as possible.”

What’s the most you ever paid for a bottle of booze? Was it worth it? Why?

Pepperidge Farm Adds New Holiday Cookie

Pepperidge Farm is getting into the holiday spirit.

The brand is launching a new hazelnut hot cocoa Milano cookie.

The limited-edition treat pairs nutty hazelnut with the cookie’s signature rich milk chocolate hot cocoa flavor sandwiched between two crisp, delicate cookies.

The cookies are now in grocery stores nationwide.

What’s your favorite holiday cookie?

Rudolph Cereal Hits Shelves

General Mills is getting ready for Christmas with the debut of the new Rudolph Cereal.

The new Rudolph cereal features hot cocoa-flavored reindeer cereal with marshmallows in the shapes of Rudolph’s red nose, blue elf hats, and green holiday trees.

In addition to the new Rudolph cereal, General Mills is welcoming back Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch and Apple Pie Toast Crunch.

You can find all three seasonal cereals at retailers nationwide.

Do you buy novelty food products made specifically for the holidays? Which ones?

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