Funny Tweets About America’s Relationship With Candy Corn

Candy Corn…the official punchline of Halloween?

The topic is Candy Corn and ’tis the season for the ultimate candy debate! Candy corn: love it or hate it? HuffPost dove into the Twitterverse for some funny tweets in honor of the most divisive candy every Halloween:

“Bad news guys, candy corn doesn’t count as a vegetable because technically corn is a grain.”

“The internet has taught me so much. Like did you know there are people who hate candy corn and also that civilization is crumbling around us”

“Parents PLEASE be sure to inspect your kids’ bags of candy before they eat them. Some twisted people out there might put candy corn in them”

“I can both reject the validity of candy corn and eat an entire bag of it at the same time. I am complex.”

“I don’t know about you but I think we need the ‘it’s corn’ kid to weigh in on candy corn. I will trust his judgment”

And they just keep going…

How do YOU feel about candy corn? What is the grossest candy?

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