Grizzly Bear Terrifies Glacier National Park Hikers

In a harrowing incident caught on video, a group of hikers narrowly escaped an attack by an angry grizzly bear.

The close call occurred at Montana’s Glacier National Park, authorities say. Hikers Due and Evy Krivdich were taking in the park’s sites when they realized a group of hikers in the distance had attracted the attention of a huge bear. “I noticed the grizzly coming down out of a treeline onto a meadow and I said, ‘Look baby, there’s a bear,'” Dule Krivdich says. After realizing the bear was making a beeline for three park visitors, one of whom was carrying a 1-year-old child on his back, the couple began shouting to them.

The video shows the clearly frightened hikers scrambling to get away from the charging animal, which is clearly running faster than they are. Then, without warning, the bear gives up the chase and wanders off. “We complain about them running but they had a one-year-old toddler on their back and who knows what was going through their mind,” Dule Krivdich says.

Have you ever come face-to-face with a bear? What’s the most dangerous animal in North America?

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