He racked up 28 drunk driving convictions

A man who racked up 28 drunk driving offenses finally came to the end of his road, just three weeks after leaving prison for the last time.

The Star Tribune reports 67-year-old Danny Lee Bettcher, described as ‘the most prolific drunken driver’ in Minnesota history, died Oct. 20 at home from natural causes.
He had spent much of the last 10 years in and out of incarceration. And even had a valid driver’s license at the time of his 28th conviction – as Minnesota law doesn’t allow for a lifetime

During a hearing for offense No. 27, Bettcher said, “I drink to get drunk,” as dozens of orders to rehab had failed to change his mindset. His obituary read, “Although his life may be best described as wayward… Danny would help anyone with anything and deep down had a heart of gold.”

Should anyone even have the opportunity to rack up 28 drunk driving offenses? Do you know someone with a drinking problem? Have you been able to get through to them?

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