Hot Dog Eating Mystery Solved

In case this has been keeping you up at night — we finally have the scientific answer of how many hot dogs a person can possibly eat in one sitting. Researchers analyzed 39 years of data from the annual Nathan’s Famous Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest to calculate how many can be scarfed down in 10 minutes. Drumroll please — The answer is 84.

Researchers found physically it’s unlikely anyone could ever top that amount. The current world record is 74, set by reigning competitive eating champ Joey Chestnut. The new study shows if an ordinary person inhales that many hot dogs they will probably run into “stomach capacity issues”. That’s why competitive eaters actually train to expand their stomachs. By the way, if you are watching your waistline, eating about 80 hot dogs totals 21,000 calories.

How many hot dogs do you seriously think you could eat in your backyard? What are the perfect toppings for a hot dog?

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