How Would You Like To Own Some Original Disneyland Ride Vehicles?

Not just vehicles, but attraction posters, animatronics, even trash cans!


My love for Disneyland is pretty extreme.  I have a pretty impressive collection of park artifacts, and 10 years ago I actually bid a little over $6000.00 for a Space Mountain car.  It ended up going for 7100.00, and was sold to a guy named Richard Craft in Hollywood.  The same Richard Craft that is selling off his insane collection of Disneyland Park history that he’s collected over the last 25 years.  That Space Mountain car is actually IN the collection, but it’s expected to fetch more than 50k this time around.  I guess I missed my chance 🙂

His collection is open to the public this month in California, leading up to an auction on the 31st, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting schools for special needs children.

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