Teen Tries To Steal Jet To Go To Concert

An 18-year-old in Arkansas tried to pull a stunt you only see in movies.

Zemarcuis Devon Scott hopped over airport gates and decided he would try to steal a jet. Why? Because he wanted to go to an out of state concert, of course! Scott apparently assumed that piloting the 44 seat plane would be nothing more than pulling a few levers and pushing a few buttons. Luckily for the teen, and for all of us, he was arrested in the cockpit before taking off. According to The Grapevine, “Scott is currently being held at Miller County Jail, where his bail is set at $25,000.”

Mr. Scott is certainly not the most famous teen to steal aircraft. If you’ve never read The Barefoot Bandit Amazon about Coloto Harris-Moore, you really need to hop over to or wherever you buy books and thank me later for the solid recommend.

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