Inspiration from Homie – The Birth of a True Utah Success Story

The Birth of a True Utah Success Story

This kid from Los Angeles rocked the real estate industry- starting right here in Utah. As a kid, Mike Peregrina lived in a garage and his family rented out their house just to make ends meet. While a college student, he bought some rental properties in Las Vegas. Then the economy tanked and he lost his investment. Mike vowed to someday change the real estate industry. He brought his vision and passion to Utah and teamed up with some tech leaders and started a company that would take on the big real estate players head-on. Homie was born!

Homie is a real estate technology company changing the way real estate is bought and sold by eliminating high fees and commissions. The company simplified an outdated and overcomplicated process through a combination of technology and expert, full-service agent support. Homie is the #1 listing brokerage office in the state of Utah and growing quickly in the state of Arizona and Nevada. With real estate, home loans, closing services, and insurance, the Homie Tech family is making every aspect of buying and selling a home simple, affordable, and enjoyable. Finally, the way real estate should be. To learn more, visit:


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