Joaquin Phoenix Seen As the Joker for the First Time

A first look photo of Joaquin Phoenix in his role as The Joker has been released. A few months ago news of Joaquin Phoenix playing The Joker in a standalone movie came out, and now director Todd Phillips has dropped an image. In the picture, The Joker is shown without his makeup and costume, suggesting what he looked like before he turned to a life of crime. His name before he became The Joker was Arthur.

Phillips’ Joker film is a stand-alone film from the DC Universe has a release date of October 4, 2019.

Yes, it turns out it’s just a picture of Joaquin Phonix. Technically, this could be him on his was to take a dump. Perhaps he is just heading to get a nice bowl of pho. Maybe he is even just getting his picture taken for his passport. Use your imagination in the comments below in regard to this non-news.

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