Jon Smith likes terrible 80’s movies: TOY SOLDIERS!

This movie is as FAR from “terrible” as you can get!!!

The REGIS SCHOOL FOR BOYS is the home of some of the most troublesome rich kids in America.  Real tough rich kids like Will Wheaton, and Sean Astin.    Astin stars as Billy Tepper.  A real tough case who’s already been thrown out of THREE prep schools.  Oh man, you guys.  That’s serious.  Louis Gosset Jr. goes all Iron Eagle on his ass and believes he can be something more if he only had the opportunity to be a leader.

That opportunity comes when some CARTEL thugs take over the school with demands!  This was before ISIS so we had to fight the drug cartels.  Anywho, Rudy Rudiger steps up and takes some nerdy kids into battle and with nothing more than his wits, and some pots and pans pulls a SEAL TEAM 6 to rescue everybody (spoiler alert!).     Will Wheaton gets his ass shot off, and R. Lee Ermy gets some solid screen time.  Plus you have Marcus Brody from the Indiana Jones movies as the schools stuffy old headmaster who just wants to boys to be safe.   This movie gets 5 stars for sure.

Goonies Never Say Die

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