Jon Smith Loves Crappy 80’s Movies: Let’s Talk About “RAD” !!!

FINALLY!  A story of a paperboy turned champion…

Meet CRU!  He’s a senor in High School, and he’s got BIG DREAMS, man.  He wants to prove he’s the biggest bad ass BMXer by competing in the national “HELLTRACK” race!

The only problem is, his Mom wants him to take the S.A.T.s on the day of the race. BUMMER.  Lori Laughlin is in this too, and so is Mr. Hand from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  BEST of all, this thing was directed by the legendary HAL NEEDHAM!!!  Yeah, the guy that brought us SMOKEY and the Mother Effing BANDIT.

Watch as CRU defies the odds, takes on the legendary BART TAYLOR, and uhh…does whatever the BMX version of an ollie is right into Aunt Becky’s heart. Unfortunately, you’ll have to find an old VHS copy, or bootleg it off the internet as there has yet to be an official DVD release. Bummer.

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