Jon Smith Loves Terrible 80’s Movies: GOTCHA!

Usually, I do this bit from memory.  But while I remember LOVING this movie when it came out, there was not much I could recall.  Lucky for me it’s on The Encore network, which I apparently have.  Sidenote:  I love scrolling through the Encore movies OnDemand because it reminds me of looking at all the movies on the Blockbusters shelves.  Anywhoo, today we’re talking about the cold-war era spy movie GOTCHA!  starring Anthony Edwards!

In 1985, Anthony Edwards was Gilbert in Revenge of the Nerds, and in 1986 he became GOOSE from Top Gun.  Somehow in the middle, he played Jonathan Moore.  an 18-year-old American student and on-campus paintball stud on vacation in France.

That’s where he meets SASHA!  A hot chick!  Because it’s the 80’s and the only thing protagonists in the 80’s needed was pooner.  Also, Sasha is mysterious and for some reason needs Goose to go with her to EAST BERLIN!  There’s a ton of bad American and German stereotypes, and some wicked sideboob, but then…  RUSSIANS.  Yeah man, Soviet A-holes show up and ruin everything.  Goose has to sneak back into WEST Berlin where he makes a very 80’s and equally NSFW gesture to 20th-century communism

So Goose goes to Burger King, and eventually makes it back to the states thanks to some German punk rockers, only to discover that Sasha put FILM IN HIS BACK!  OH NO!   Then he gets chased by Russians and SPOILER ALERT saves the day with a tranquilizer gun.


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