Just in time for Veterans Day! A US Army Color Guard recreates the “Razzle Dazzle” from STRIPES

One of Bill Murray’s most beloved roles, with a cast that would be impossible to recreate with today’s talent pool.  John Candy, Harold Ramis, Dan from Night Court, and don’t forget Judge Reinhold!  Ok, pretty much everyone has forgotten poor Judge.  But this is about STRIPES man, and more specifically that classic underdog moment where John Winger (Bill Murray) rises up to the challenge of leadership, and puts some sass into an otherwise stuffy Military ceremony.


I myself have been to about a thousand stuffy military ceremonies, just waiting.. WAITING for someone to take up that mantle.  It never happened,  BUT, there’s hope!  Last year, a US ARMY Color Guard out of Fort Knox, KY, (yes, where all the gold is…)  FINALLY pulled it off.


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