11 Lessons I’ve learned from the Theatre

  1. You can’t please everyone so don’t try. Do what is right and learn from your mistakes.

  2. The value of adaptability, that the show must go on and you can’t sit and stop and be angry if things don’t go your way. Sometimes you gotta make the best of the situation and drive on.

  3. Never compromise your values

  4. Teamwork and personal responsibility within a team. There are no-excuses, must get done, even if it’s not your fault it’s still your responsibility.

  5. How to break out of my shell (believe it or not I have a shell) to see and use what talents I have and I’m capable of expressing.

  6. To take constructive criticism but also trust my own instincts. I’ve learned discipline and respect. I’ve learned to be flexible and how to communicate better.

  7. “It’s not about you!”

  8. Communication is key.

  9. Anyone will stop and listen if you can tell a good story — a toddler at bedtime, a grandpa in a theater seat, a 15 year old girl preoccupied with social media and her own over-dramatic life, a 45 year old man dozing in sacrament, or a teenager trying to get a date …

  10. It may be fun or convenient or necessary to pretend I’m someone else for a little while, BUT I really love being the real me!

  11. Things can never go wrong, they can only go funny.

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