Man Forced to Sit in Dog Feces During Delta Flight

Flying could be stressful enough. Now, imagine having to sit in dog poop for two hours while flying on an airplane. Michigan native Matthew Meehan says he was forced to sit through a two-hour flight aboard a Delta Airlines jet going from Atlanta to Miami covered in feces. Meehan says that he and a fellow passenger noticed dog poop all over the floor and his seat. The problem is that he had already sat in it. The poop was apparently left behind from the prior flight and hadn’t been cleaned up. Meehan posted pictures (of his poop covered clothes and shoes) to Facebook. He said the flight attendant didn’t offer to help with the situation and had the flight take off despite the situation. In a statement, Delta said they offered to reimburse the man for the clothing. They also say they are refunding his flight as well as providing compensation for the incident.

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