Man Wins $1.19M Betting on Tiger Woods’ Victory

While it’s safe to say no one is happier about Tiger Woods’ Masters victory than Woods himself, James Adducci probably comes pretty close. The Wisconsin man is $1.19 million richer thanks to Woods’ surprising win. Clearly confident that the fallen golfer would stage a comeback, Adducci bet $85,000 with William Hill US Sportsbook at 14-1 odds on a Woods win. When he collected his winnings Monday in Las Vegas, he told reporters the sizeable bet was the first he’d ever placed on a sporting event. “It wasn’t about the stats for me,” Adducci says. “The fact that this was going to be his first major in front of his kids, I was convinced he would win.” In fact, Adducci says winning the huge chunk of cash has made him feel closer to the golfing icon. “If I saw Tiger, I would tell him that I understood the pressure he must be under,” he says. “Because I, for a moment in time, felt it too.”

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