McDonald’s Debuts Spicy Chicken Mcnuggets, As A New Era Of Fast-food’s Fried Chicken Wars Heat Up

Okay, fried chicken lovers you’re in luck because McDonald’s is finally adding spicy chicken nuggets to their menu.

In light of the fried chicken sandwich wars, McDonald’s hopes that the new menu item will be a hit with customers.

The fast-food chain thinks it will be able to compete and win against Burger King and Wendy’s who have already added a spicy chicken option to their menus.

Get ready to add some heat to your life with the chicken nuggets which will be dusted with a mix of cayenne and chili pepper flavors. McDonald’s will add the new spicy nuggets to their menu on September 16th and they are working on a “quality chicken sandwich” for the beginning of 2021.

Who has the best spicy chicken in your opinion?

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