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Most satisfying moments in Overwatch

Most satisfying moments in Overwatch

First let’s clarify that when I say the most “satisfying” this is also describing the most annoying moments to every other player. But when it’s you and everyone knows it’s you it is immensely sweet.


  1. Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!

One of the most annoying set of Japanese words any Overwatch player will ever hear. But to combine this as the most satisfying we also need to add one other player. Have your friend play Zarya as tank and by combining his ultimate ability “Graviton Surge” to pull everyone in with your dragon right in their face you will surely weep tears of joy. Who would have though the Siberian and the Japanese characters would make the best team?


  1. (0%) vs (99%) OVERTIME!!

This is where amateurs with big heads get their face stomped and their day ruined. When your team are synced and rocking your opponents something special happens when a team hits around 90%. This is what I call “Hero Mode” and is the scene when your team runs off in every direction to hunt down the other team because they feel indestructible. Well the opponent will do what they kept doing which is run to the point where they will take it unopposed, killing off your team one by one as they slowing get their way back. This puts your whole team on split resurrections making a team push almost impossible. Your ego just lost you this game.


  1. I’ve got you in my sights

I’m one of those guys who gets a good feeling inside as a sniper and play Widowmaker and Hanzo very often. That being said just getting a headshot is not enough to make this list. That being said head-shot the opposing team’s sniper absolutely is. These aren’t the most intense 1 v 1 battles in the game but they can be the most satisfying. Also let’s also admit that the first time you put down three or four players in 5 seconds alone as a sniper is the day you start to hit “Hero Mode”.


  1. Lúcio + Ilios map

“Hey guys for some reason let’s protect this giant hole in Greece”. During this gameplay you are responsible for controlling this area in Greece the longest to win. Well this area is made almost entirely of a giant hole made of death and sadness. Well “inc Lúcio” the one character who spends his entire time pushing people into the capture zone, why you ask? Because that dick is pushing you into the hole and wrecking your whole team without trying. Also who the freak made Lúcio so damn hard to kill.


  1. Fire in the HOLE!

Now I mentioned in number 1 the most annoying Japanese statement you will likely ever hear in this game. Well welcome to my least favorite mesh of words to hear in this game, Period! Watch as Junkrat from a mile away drives a flaming tire up walls and over any obstacle to blow up your entire team. Best case scenario is you don’t have a garage sniper who can get rid of it or Junkrat (good luck with that). At the end of the day if you hear it run, and spread your team out cause someone is going to die and you don’t want to be collateral damage in the explosion.

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