Mother of 5 Dies after Falling out of ‘Party Bus’


A birthday celebration aboard a California ‘party bus’ turned tragic over the weekend when a woman fell out and was killed by an oncoming vehicle, police say.

Heather Garcia, 29, was dancing on the moving bus when she tripped, fell, and landed on the freeway, according to the LAPD. She died moments later when she was hit by another vehicle, the department reports. “What I thought would be a fun night out for her turned into a tragic ending for us,” says Garcia’s husband, Rafael Corral. He and Garcia have five children together. “She was the life of the party; always up for a good time. She had a huge heart, always lending a hand to anyone who needed it. Our children will never see their mother again and I do not know how I am going to continue. But I know she will always be with us.”

Garcia, who was celebrating her niece’s birthday aboard the party bus, would have turned 30 on Monday, Corral says.

Should the bus company be held responsible for this death?

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