Crewless Cargo Ship Filled with Porsches is Adrift in the Atlantic


A crewless cargo ship filled with high-priced luxury vehicles is adrift in the Atlantic Ocean, according to Porsche officials.

The ship — named the Felicity Ace — was transporting the cars from Germany to the United States when it caught fire on Wednesday, forcing the crew to evacuate the vessel, authorities say. “Our immediate thoughts are of relief that the 22 crew of the merchant ship ‘Felicity Ace’ are safe and well,” reads a statement released Thursday by Porsche. “A number of our cars are among the cargo. We are in contact with the shipping company and the details of the cars onboard are now known.”

The ship’s owner, Japan’s Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, is preparing to send an ocean tug out in hopes of finding the vessel and towing it to shore, according to a U.S. Navy spokesman.

If someone finds the ship before its owner does, will the Porches be theirs to keep?

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