What Colleges Produce The Most Multi-Millionaires?

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Attending one of these eight colleges could help if you’re hoping to become a millionaire one day. A new study identified the U.S. colleges that produce the most multi-millionaires:

  • Harvard ($52,000+ per year)
  • MIT ($55,000+ per year)
  • Stanford ($56,000+ per year)
  • University of Pennsylvania (about $62,000 per year)
  • Columbia ($63,500+ per year)
  • Yale (roughly $60,000 per year)
  • Cornell (just over $61,015 per year)
  • Princeton ($56,000+ per year)

CBS News reported that “There are about 9,600 so-called centimillionaires living in the U.S., or people whose net worth is greater than $100 million, the report noted.” Those schools account for more than one-third of ‘centimillionaires’ – people with a net worth of over $100 million.

“About 1 in 4 of centimillionaires in the U.S. work in finance or professional services, representing the largest share by industry. But another roughly 1 in 7 earned their fortunes through the tech industry,” CBS’ story added.


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