Pandemic Leads to Less Casual Nookie

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t just taken a toll on people’s daily lives; it’s also gotten in the way of our nighttime activities, too.

Dr. Viviana Coles, a Houston-based sex therapist, says the virus has led to a major decline in casual sex. “Kissing, hugging, touching — that sort of intimacy is really under the radar right now,” Coles says. “The coronavirus is making people have to really consider is it worth the pleasure of spontaneity, or should we plan things out and really think about things before it happens?”

What’s more is couples in new relationships are waiting longer to jump into the sack with each other, Coles says. “You can’t just meet up, hook up and move on without at least some guilt and risk of exposure,” she says. “I think that having the pandemic slow us down when it comes to sex and dating is going to give us all a better sense of who we are and what we want out of relationships, both sexual and nonsexual.”

Have you had less sex since the pandemic started?

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