Podcast | Geekshow: Pastrami Schnapps


Ready Player One, box office, Donald Glover’s Deadpool script, Dark Phoenix trubba, Aquaman, Lock and Key, Jurassic World 3, ROM dammnit[O1] , Batuu is canon, DC/Hanna Barberra cross overs, Nic Cage, Buskah Rhymes, Indy 5, Yo Yo Ma is 7ft tall, Soul Plain, Zoodle, 2 Olde Divas, lots more…

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  • 6am - 10am Co-Host of Radio From Hell | Kerry Jackson has worked nearly every position in radio at over a dozen different stations in his 30+ year career, all throughout the state of Utah. His first job began in 1982, spending most his life on the air near an open microphone. Along with his Radio From Hell hosting duties, he also hosts since 2008. Jackson currently lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Suzanne. They have no children and have chosen to never have them, “Child-Free,” as he calls it. They have a dog, Ripley (whose full name is Lt. Ellen Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo ).

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