POLL: The Best Album of the 90’s

The X96 staff decided to do a little experiment. Because, the 90’s.

We have music meetings every week where the X96 staff discusses with Todd Nuke’em what we all think we should play. There is only one rule in these meetings: only music will be discussed – nothing else.

The other day we got into a bit of a verbal rumble over what would be the one, ultimate, best album from the 90’s. Everyone hopped on their phones and started looking up lists. There were a lot of back and forth until we decided there was really only one way to know for sure. Nirvana was mentioned several times.

We each grabbed a pen and paper and set a timer for two minutes on Jon Smith’s phone. In that two minutes, we had to write down all the 90’s albums we could come up with. This was harder than you’d think. A lot of the albums we wrote down were actually from the early 2000’s (Story of the Year, anyone?), so we gave ourselves another two minutes and kept going. I, Corey O’Brien, then gathered up the papers from the Radio From Hell folks, Todd, Jon, Richie T and some of our interns and promotions department to sort them. Not the most exciting way to spend a Thursday night, but when you’re on a mission, right?

This is the list that resulted. It’s now up to you, friendly X96 listener, to tell us which one of these albums reign supreme!

It’s a random and lengthy list, so take your time, think and consider the one and true champion. Which one of these albums represents that flanneled, booted out, unique decade better than any other. No doubt you’ll be looking for albums that may have slipped our minds. If so, vote anyway, but leave what we missed in the comments. We love to hear about our shortcomings.

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