Raccoons Terrorize White House Reporters

A gang of masked bandits has been terrorizing reporters assigned to cover the White House.

The bandits –actually, raccoons that have taken up residence on the White House lawn — have been harassing journalists for weeks. On Wednesday, one even managed to screw up a live shot featuring “New Day” reporter Joe Johns, who threw something at one of the critters after it wandered into the frame. “Frickin’ raccoons, man,” Johns said on live TV. “God, again! That’s the second time. Jesus.”

The incident comes two weeks after a raccoon attacked several news crews on the North Lawn. CBS News’ Paula Reid says authorities have attempted to solve the problem by placing traps around the property with marshmallows as bait — but so far, the creatures haven’t fallen for the ruse.

Have you ever had a raccoon problem? What’s the best way to get them to leave?

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