Richie T’s 3 June 27th, 2016

Richie T’s 3.

Three things written about by Richie T.
190693_10150102411786782_6019456_nKerry Jackson-@RFHKerry Someone once asked “Do you and Kerry record your commercials in the same room, at the same time, because you can hear the tension between the two of you.” Tension between Kerry and I does exist, but it comes and goes. Different viewpoints (Religious and otherwise) keep Kerry and I very much on edge. HOWEVER, our relationship has grown leaps and bounds from where we began. He knows what he wants from the show, and refuses to accept anything less. He holds himself to a high standard, and expects others to do the same. A genuine laugh or compliment from Kerry is a radio “Gold Star” to never be removed. “I’ll most likely kill you in the morning”


319541_10150366196561745_7461798_nBill Allred-@RFHBill – Bill and I have been friends for 45 years. We’ve been to church together, the Grand Canyon (Havasupai Manventure), and everywhere in between. When Bill passes, I will crap my pants at his funeral. (A radio tradition passed down from Bill to me to pay respect to those whom are their mentor) He is tough, loud, and unapologetic for who he is and how he sees the world. He is a friendertainer (friend and entertainer) who likes to puff out his chest, and make a lot of noise; but he is very kind and gentle underneath it all. Don’t you know who he is?



ginabGina Barberi- @RFHGina – Gina is the reason I am part of the Radio From Hell show. She came to an event I planned at Southern Utah University in the fall of 2004. I asked her if I could be an intern for the show, and she said “We don’t know what we would have you do exactly but YES” Whenever I need to quickly feel appreciated or talk out a frustration I have with “the boys”, Gina is there for me. I’m often asked “Is Gina as dumb as she sounds on the radio” to which I say “Listen to Radio From Hell as if Gina is the smartest in the room, it will change how you see the whole show.” She’s tough but kind, professional but silly; she is my one and only G-Balls.





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