Blink-182’s Top Ten Songs

Blink-182’s New Album Comes Out This Friday!

Sure, a lot has changed. Tom Delonge is off working with “government official” looking for E.T. while the other guys made out of Blink-gate with a new bandmate (Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio) and a new album, “California.” There are some things I miss from the older blink such as the contrast between Tom and Mark’s voice and Tom’s sense of humor, but I’ll try to keep and open mind when the album drops. Looking back on the catalog of Blink songs there are certainly some favorites and some that just remind me of a great memory or time in my life.

10. “Up All Night”

It was 8 years in the making as a kind of reunion album, “Neighborhoods”, but this song in particular with an aggressive opening that announced Blink was back followed by the infamous Tom and Mark call and response.

9. “Happy Holidays, You Bastard”

The title sounds like something Stan from South Park would shout out on one of their Christmas specials, but this profanity-saturated song is so damn catchy, I actually caught my mom singing along to it.

8. “Depends”

“Because I can’t control my bladder, anymore!” Tom screeched over thick drums, pondering the issues that come with getting older. Not to mention the homage to “Airplane” at the end, “Pretty J, I did the same ‘ol same ‘ol…”

7. “Mutt”

The song that put Blink on the big screen in “American Pie.” No doubt a film that could not be made today. The mangled pie, Naudia, the dangers of webcams, Eugene Levy’s eyebrows, and jokes that would set social media ablaze with rightous PC tirades if released today! “She’s up and waiting for more/He’s only looking to score.” The struggle!!!

6. “Feeling This”

I love this song. Travis’ drums are on point here. The sound is huge! Sure, read what you want into it, but I think of this as a neo-version of Grease’s “Summer Nights.”

5. “Going Away to College”

“Enema of the State” came out in 1999 and I was starting college, so this song certainly reminds me of that right of passage – and before I had student loans. The lyrics are romantic and naive –  adjectives that fit me pretty well at 19. Also, this album cover did more to mainstream porn than the internet.

4. “Apple Shampoo”

“Both getting tired of punk rock clubs and both playing in punk rock bands/The start was something good but some good things must end.” In a way, an omen. 17 years-old and I was  discovering bands like NoFX, Lagwagon, Guttermouth and the like. Perhaps it was a scene that was indeed about to peak and roll back into people claiming “punk’s dead.”

3. “What’s My Age Again?”

Unlike “Adam’s Song” or “Stay Together for the Kids” I will never be burnt out on this song. Once again, a song that is looked at through the filter of “American Pie” movies, but knowing at what point you are an adult and all the petty headaches that come with it. Rather than having fun, you’re shopping for car insurance.

With many years ahead to fall in line
Why would you wish that on me?
I never want to act my age
What’s my age again?
What’s my age again?

2. “Ben Wah Balls”

The amount of mediocrity and low-brow know-how in this song is epic. It’s ambitious, kegel-strengthening & pervy. Pretty much all the reasons I love Blink-182.

1. “Dammit”

The one song to rule them all. That riff is one of the most recognizable in music, hands down. If you were learning guitar at the time this came out, you no doubt would noodle it over and over and over again. Every lyric of this song is hard coded into your psyche and is a part of just about everyone’s autobiography.

That’s my list and I am sticking by it, but feel free to tell me I am a mouth-breathing, jackass and point out my flaws. It’s what the internet’s for. We’ll see if any of the new songs can bump anything once the new album drops this Friday.

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