Son of Captain America’s Creator Condemns Rioters Dressed as the Superhero

The son of Captain America’s creator says he was “appalled” and “disgusted” when he saw rioters who stormed the Capitol last week dressed as the popular Marvel superhero.

Neal Kirby — whose dad, Jack Kirby, co-created Captain American in the early 1940s — says he was shocked when he “noticed someone in a Trump=Captain America T-shirt” and “someone with a Captain America shield” participating in the election protest.

“My father, Jack Kirby, and Joe Simon, the creators of Captain America — and World War II veterans — would be absolutely sickened by these images,” Kirby says. “These images are an insult to both their memories.” Being that no one believes either of the protestors was the real Captain America, is Kirby being too sensitive?

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