Stop Throwing Pizza On The Roof Of The Breaking Bad House

Seriously man, it’s been like 4 years since the show ended.  I know, I know..  I’m sad too.  Better Call Saul is nice..  But it’s not the same.

But there are some Breaking Bad super fans that make their way to New Mexico to tour the filming sites, including Jesse’s apt, Mr. White’s High School.  Oh, and of course tossing a pizza on Walter’s roof.

Only problem is, some poor sumbitch calls that house home, and people are making his life a living Hell.  In a recent interview from Time he says “We feel like we can’t leave because when we, do something happens and that’s ridiculous,” she said, citing instances in which tourists take landscape rocks, request that a garage door be closed or ask the homeowners to leave the scene so they can better snap a picture”

See?!  Show creator Vince Gilligan even went so far as to include a PSA in front of a Saul episode stating: “Stop throwing pizzas at Walter White’s Albuquerque, N.M., home”.  And THAT was over two years ago!  So the owner of the modest single story house has taken a new and drastic measure. That being a 9 foot iron fence around the years.  This poor dude just imprisoned himself because assholes have been thrown pizza on his roof for nearly 5 years.

Seriously dude, it’s a TV show.  Leave this poor dude alone.


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