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FOOD NEWS! Marinade and let set for 3 hours.

Food News You Can Choke On takes the guesswork out of what not to eat!

Viral Foods Of 2022

Foodies are looking back at the biggest food trends of 2022. According to “Eat This, Not That,” four foods sparked hours-long lines this year.

The Lafayette croissant was one. The large, circular, over-stuffed croissant was introduced by the Lafayette Bakery in New York in January and still has a wait time of one to three hours.

Franklin BBQ brisket in Austin, Texas, also made the list and is said to serve “the best barbecue in the known universe.” Doors open at 11 a.m., but people have begun lining up as early as eight or nine in the morning for this meat.

The Figment popcorn bucket was also a “thing” this year. Figment, the happy purple dragon that’s known for guarding the land of Epcot at Disney World in Florida, was turned into a one-of-a-kind popcorn bucket you can wear around your neck and the world went nuts for it. Ever since the bucket was introduced, expected wait times have been 6-7 hours!

David Dobrik Pizza rounds out the list. The YouTuber just opened the doors of the West Hollywood in November and it has already had lines around the block ranging from one to seven hours long.

Corona, Modelo Beers Getting More Expensive

According to Mexico New Daily, that ice-cold bottle of Corona is about to get more expensive. Grupo Modelo, the maker of beer brands like Corona, Modelo, and Pacifico, raised its prices this week due to inflation and shipping costs.


The Mexico City-based brewer did not reveal its new prices in Monday’s announcement. Inflation in Mexico has been running slightly ahead of the U.S. at roughly 8.5%. What’s your go-to beer? Has it gotten more expensive in the last year?

Bob Dylan’s Whiskey Brand Unveils Rare 10-year Straight Bourbon

In time for the holidays, fans of Bob Dylan and fine whiskey can now get a brand-new release from the singer’s Heaven’s Door Spirits brand. The company’s first “Decade Series” was initially unveiled over the summer and is now accessible for online ordering at, making it the perfect Christmas gift.

A high-rye 10-year-old straight bourbon whiskey is the first release in the series, and it may be purchased online for a suggested price of $109.99. Each bottle in the limited-edition collection of ultra-premium American whiskeys has been aged for at least ten years. Do you like whiskey? If not, what is your favorite liquor?

New Whopper Spotted At BK?

Is there a new Whopper at BK? A new Mushroom n’ Swiss Whopper Melt has reportedly been spotted on the Burger King website.

Availability remains unclear at this time, but the Shroom n’ Swiss Whopper Melt features two flame-grilled Whopper Jr. patties, melted Swiss cheese, and fire-roasted mushrooms. What kind of specialty Whopper would you like to see?

A Doritos Ghost Kitchen?

Doritos is answering fans’ after-hours cravings with “Doritos After Dark.” The pop-up was created in partnership with PepsiCo Foodservice Digital Lab2 and Popchew and allows customers to experience new mouthwatering Doritos meals in New York City, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Las Vegas from December 16-21.

To order, fans can head to or order through their favorite food delivery partners like Popchew, DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub. Doritos will also celebrate its late-night menu debut on the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice, through an in-person pop-up in LA on December 21.

The one-night-only, seated event will give LA night owls an underground tasting room, decked out with a triangle-themed interactive lounge, a MTN DEW® x Doritos® bar, photo opportunities, and more. Get more info at

McDonald’s Dead Last In Customer Loyalty

McDonald’s may be the world’s biggest fast-food restaurant chain, but new research claims its customers aren’t very loyal. Market Force surveyed over 5,000 North American consumers on their fast food and found that McDonald’s ranked dead last in terms of customer loyalty.

Chick-fil-A was number one in customer loyalty, followed close behind by West Coast fast food pillar In-N-Out. Papa Murphy’s, Jersey Mike’s, and Raising Cane’s rounded out the loyalty top five, respectively.

Wednesday Cold Brew Takes Over Secret Menu

Netflix’s “Wednesday” fanatics are starting to order a new beverage from Starbucks. The ‘Wednesday Addams Drink’ is part of the secret menu and has a dark vibe that matches the show’s theme.

The drink is “dark like her outfit and light like her pale skin.” To create the beverage, order a Venti Cold Brew with mocha sauce and a scoop of vanilla bean topped with regular cold foam. What’s your favorite secret menu item?

Taco Bell Could Add Nacho Fries Permanently

Taco Bell is considering adding Nacho Fries to its menu permanently. CEO Mark King made the announcement this week. The fries, which were first introduced in 2018, are seasoned with a special blend of spices and come with a nacho cheese dipping sauce.

They have only made limited-time appearances on the menu so far but have become the most popular item in Taco Bell’s history, selling more than 53 million orders in the first five weeks. King also says the chain will be beefing up its breakfast menu next year.

Mountain Mike’s Named One Of America’s Favorites

Mountain Mike’s Pizza is being honored as one of America’s favorite restaurant chains by Newsweek. The list was based on an independent survey of nearly 40,000 American customers and employees.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza was named one of the 20 favorite restaurants in the ultra-competitive pizza category and received a 5-star rating. The franchised pizza brand is primed to continue expansion throughout California, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Texas next year.

Jim Metevier, President, and COO of Mountain Mike’s Pizza said, “Our brand delivers ‘Pizza the Way it Oughta Be,’ which is not only a slogan, but it’s a reminder that since our origin story began more than 40 years ago, we’ve used only the freshest and finest ingredients.”

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