Food News You Can Choke On | Vol. 16

Food News You Can Choke On | Vol. 16

FOOD NEWS! It’s what’s for Brunch.

Food News You Can Choke On is preserved, vacuum-sealed, fortified, organic, free trade, with extra oats!

Costco Raising Its Annual Membership Fees in 2023

Heads up if you’re thinking of getting a Costco membership next year. The warehouse retailer will be raising its annual membership fees in 2023. While the amount and the actual date of the increase have not been announced, it will most definitely be coming within months.

Currently, Costco charges $60 for basic memberships and $120 for executive-level memberships. Would this eventual increase keep you from having a Costco membership? What other stores do you shop at? Earlier this year, competitors Sam’s Club and Amazon Prime raised their membership fees.

108-Year-Old Louisiana Woman Loves Taco Bell

It’s easy to assume that someone over 100 has a very particular diet. For 108-year-old Christine Homan, that diet includes Taco Bell. The Louisiana woman’s family visits her daily at her senior living facility and delivers her favorite food: hard-shelled tacos from Taco Bell.

Considering that Homan is still spry as ever, she must be doing something right. What food do you think you’ll be eating when you are older?

The #1 Most-Ordered Item at McDonald’s

McDonald’s has shared its FANual Report of its most popular foods. According to the report, the most-ordered item from the McDonald’s menu is *drumroll* French Fries! McDonald’s Cheeseburger and McChicken follow as second and third-most ordered.

The report also revealed that Hawaiians ordered the most on the app, New York City residents did the most late-night orders, and Alaskans ordered the most McFlurries. What do you order the most from McDonald’s? Are you surprised by these results?

Chili’s Discontinues Original Chicken Crispers And People Are Mad

Chili’s has discontinued its delicious Original Chicken Crispers. Last month in a tweet, they wrote, “like this tweet if you’re going to miss original chicken crispers.”
Now fans are upset that it’s happening.

One wrote, “Check on a friend who grew up on Chili’s Original Chicken Crispers and make sure they’re OK, OK?” Another person said, “This is seriously upsetting news to me. These were the benchmark that all other chicken fingers were measured against.” What is your go-to order at Chili’s?

Vegetarian Chili Recipes You’ll Love

It’s cold out, which means many are craving to get cozy and eat hearty food. And just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy chili. The LA Times has shared recipes for four different vegetarian chili dishes.

One is a three-bean chili, one is a chipotle chili with corn, one is a black bean chili, and the other is a classic chili loaded with vegetables. What is your favorite chili recipe?

Get Free Krispy Kremes Today!

Today is the return of the fan-favorite ‘Day of the Dozens’ at Krispy Kreme. The chain is serving up an extra dose of Christmas joy with the event, which offers an Original Glazed dozen for just $1 with the purchase of any dozen at regular price.

Krispy Kreme’s Day of the Dozens offer is valid at participating locations nationwide today only. How many donuts do you think you could eat in one sitting?

Show Off Your Doritos-Inspired Cut

Doritos is encouraging fans to display their triangular haircut and to #NameThatTriangle. Now through January 15, 2023, those with a triangle-inspired haircut can simply submit a photo or video along with the proposed name of the haircut using #NameThatTriangle and #Entry on Twitter or Instagram.
The grand prize winner could get two tickets to the Super Bowl LVII.

Doritos will also select the top entry from that week to be featured on Doritos’ Instagram and the five weekly winners could also win an autographed Von Miller helmet and a Triangle Hair Kit to help maintain their cut.

Brach’s Introduces Holiday Heat

Brach’s candy is celebrating the 2022 holiday season with the arrival of new Holiday Heat Candy Canes. The new treats are fruity candy canes with a hint of chili heat, in assorted boxes of Watermelon Chili, Pineapple Chili, and Mango Chili flavors.

You can find the new candy canes on shelves at retailers nationwide for a limited time during the holiday season. What’s your favorite spicy food?

Knives Out Ice Cream?

Van Leeuwen ice cream is celebrating its most killer flavor to date. The company has teamed up with the new “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” film for a new ice cream. The limited-edition flavor features the brand’s signature vanilla ice cream combined with a touch of Greek yogurt to transport you to the world of the film, honeycomb candy that offers a glass–like crunch, and a swirl of bourbon, and caramelized onion jam.

The new ice cream flavor will be available to purchase by the scoop and pint at Van Leeuwen locations in NYC and LA, as well as online for nationwide shipping at starting today at noon. “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” premieres on Netflix on December 23.

Special K Adds New Flavors

Kellogg’s is expanding its lineup of Special K cereal flavors. The company has announced three new varieties, including Kellogg’s Special K Oat Crunch Honey, Kellogg’s Special K High Protein, and Kellogg’s Special K Zero.

Special K Oat Crunch Honey combines multigrain honey-flavored flakes and crispy vanilla-oat clusters for a crunchy texture and subtly sweet taste.
Special K High Protein features a chocolate and almond-flavored oat cereal made with real almonds. Special K Zero features sweet cinnamon-flavored cereal puffs with zero grams of sugar, 18g of plant-based protein, and 2g of net carbs per serving.

Jersey Mike’s Is Superior Chain

Jersey Mike’s is the best sandwich chain right now. The word comes from a new Market Force poll encompassing over 50 quick-service restaurant chains.
The sub-chain enjoys a strong perceived brand image and positive values among consumers.

It also ranks number one in terms of customer loyalty among assessed sandwich chains, beating out Subway, Jimmy John’s, and Firehouse Subs in the loyalty category.

Customer satisfaction was driven by the speed of service, staff friendliness, restaurant atmosphere, food quality, and value received for money spent.
What’s the best sandwich chain?

Einstein Bros. Makes Breakfast Easier

Einstein Bros. Bagels has a new “Good for Groups” breakfast option. The boxes are tailored for small or large crowds and feature fan-favorite breakfast sandwiches, like the Farmhouse, which comes on a Cheesy Hash Brown Bagel with Country Pepper Cream Cheese, bacon, ham, and cheddar.

“Good for Groups” offerings are available at participating locations nationwide when ordering online or in the app.

Lifesized Gingerbread House Is Back

San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel’s life-size gingerbread house is back for 2022. It’s the twelfth year for the iconic venue, which has an internal dining room and contains 3,300 gingerbread bricks. It took approximately 520 hours to build the house with 1,500 pounds of royal icing, and pounds and pounds of See’s Candies. Customers can book a dining experience inside the private house for up to eight guests.

The reservation itself is $300, and it’s a $1,200 minimum on food and beverage. What’s the most you ever paid for a meal? Was it worth it?

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