“The CROW” Remake Just Lost Their Director, AND Star, Jason Momoa.

I don’t know HOW many times this movie has been dead..

But!  Much like the title character, Eric Draven, it just won’t seem to stay dead.  The gothic comic book originally penned by James O’Barr in the 80’s became a CULT CLASSIC in the early 90’s.  Gaining extra attention when the film’s star, Brandon Lee, was killed on set before filming was completed.


That movie was f—ing great.  I for one had all the merch, and I maintain to this day that the movie soundtrack is one of the best assembled.  But since then we’ve had 3 terrible sequels, and one even worse TV show.  Not to mention the failed attempt to reboot the franchise with a Rob Zombie led project called THE CROW 2037.   Dude, people don’t die in the future.  duh. reported this morning that the latest big budget reboot which was to feature Jason Momoa as Eric Draven lost not only their star, but also their director (who is actually quitting the project for the second time).  Sony Pictures is reportedly in “exit mode” and the film is also facing reported financial difficulties.

I think it’s probably best that we just go back to re-inventing Spider Man and The Hulk every few years, and leave the Crow alone.

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