The Foo Fighters do an AMAZING Christmas medley on SNL

I’ll be honest,  I get a little bit jaded.  I see lots of bands, and this time of year we ALL see lots of bands perform Christmas songs.

But somehow, Foo Fighters REALLY put me in the Christmas mood this year with this past weekend’s SNL performance.  I got a text from my friend and neighbor, Brandon saying “You see Foo on SNL??”   I figured I’d go and check it out!

It started like any other performance save for tinsel on the mic and Dave in a Xmas sweater, but they busted into a version of U2’s “Baby Please Come Home” and I was instantly transported back to when my favorite bands, and TV shows would do Christmas specials as a kid.  It seriously, as cheesy as it sounds,  brought some serious Christmas spirit.

So, thank you Foo Fighters 🙂  you slayed the Grinch for me this year.

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