The Maverik BIG Gas Giveaway!

It’s the Maverik Big Gas Giveaway!

Maverik & X96 will give one lucky winner a chance to win a thousand bucks in free gas every Friday in August!

Maverik & X96 want you to win $1,000 bucks in free gas every single Friday in August! We know, gas prices are dropping across the country, but at over $4.00 a gallon, a fill-up can still be pretty expensive. Planning a road trip? Enter below. Driving to visit grandma? Enter below. Would rather spend that extra income on a Playstation 5, tickets to see the Utes this season, or some concert tickets? Enter below! Craving a Bahama Mamma at Maverik? Enter below!

Make sure to enter each week to win!

And don’t forget – with Maverik’s new revved-up Nitro Card you instantly save 10 cents or more per gallon every day! Pick up a Nitro Card to start saving today at Maverik – Adventure’s First Stop! Enter to win the Maverik Big Gas Giveaway below!

  • Week 1 winner: Nate Carver from Farr West
  • Week 2 winner: Todd Lyman from Roy
  • Week 3 winner: Ray Mazy from Millcreek
  • Week 4 winner: Mark Williams from Salt Lake City

Utah has a lot of adventure to offer, so if you’re heading out for a hike up to Lake Blanche, some mountain biking around Guardsman’s Pass, a day riding roller coasters, or just spending the day at the park, don’t forget to stop by Maverik and stock up on great snacks, a MOAB burrito, or charge up your battery with some refreshing drinks to get you through the heat. Maverik has your adventures covered all along the Wasatch Front and beyond!

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