Tinder Bans Woman Over Hunting Photos

The dating app Tinder, temporarily banned a Vermont woman because of her hunting photos. Nichole’s profile picture was of her and a whitetail buck she had harvested.
Nichole says Tinder’s explanation was that she “had violated the terms of service and the community guidelines.” Her photo had checked all of the ethics boxes – no blood and no offensive posing of the harvested animal. She even cropped out the weapon used. Nichole was in San Francisco when she discovered she had been kicked off the app and believes people in the bay area may have been offended.

She says someone even went so far as to email her employer with screenshots of her profile along with nasty comments. When asked about the company’s policies by WSET News, Tinder responded by saying that a “team” investigates each report. The company says that Nichole’s account had been reported multiple times but those reports have been resolved and she is now able to use the app.

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