Too Good To Be True?! Candy Beer For Adults On Halloween

Who says kids should have all the fun on Halloween…

There are now lots of Candy Beer options aimed at grown-ups to have some SPOOKtacular fun as well.

At Chicago’s Illuminated Brew Works, for example, there’s Fruit Creep imperial IPA that some say tastes like Fruit Stripe gum.

They also recently brewed a stout called Millennial Munchies to taste like a Zagnut candy bar with peanut butter, chocolate, and coconut.

Other fun brews you can find around the U.S. – Don’t Lay A Finger (modeled after a Butterfinger bar) and Satisfied? (a stout brewed with chocolate, caramel, and peanuts to take like a Snickers).

Bhramari Brewing Company in Asheville, North Carolina also sells a Skittles IPA.

Have you or would you try any of these candy-inspired adult beverages?

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