Top 10 Puppy Photos From Todd Nuke ‘Em

In just over a year’s time, we’ve added two puppies to my family. The first puppy arrived in August of 2016. He’s a beagle named Ramsey. In August of this year, we adopted a cute little silver lab named Ruby. Am I turning into the crazy dog lady? Possibly. Here are my top 10 puppy photos. (Yes, this is total click-bait.)

We’ll start with Ramsey the beagle.

10. Here he is when we first got him.

9. He’s always been a puppy that really should be a model!

8. I mean, look at that face!

7. Here is how fast he grew in just a few months!

6. And now that he is just over a year old, he still looks like a model. Handsome little guy!

5. And now we look at Ruby the silver lab. She’s 4 months old and is a crazy little girl. Look at those eyes!

4. That face melts my heart every time!

3. She knows how to be adorable!

2. Such a cutie!

1. And she had the best Halloween costume, too!

These little monsters are a lot of fun, and they get along…most of the time.


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